Top 10 Tips About Electric Woks [ Kitchengearsguide!]

Electric Woks are made from cast iron then a stainless steel woks came into the picture. The easiest to heat up are woks made of carbon steel, it also heats the cooking surface evenly.

Woks are usually placed in a stove with high flames and made to heat very well to cook fast. Woks are used in different restaurants but mostly in Asian Restaurants so they can whip up stir-fried noodles or used for steaming fish, boiling pieces of meat as well as deep frying.

Different types of works are available and of course, have a dedicated price for each. Some prefer to buy a stainless steel wok which is considered heavy by some and takes a long time to heat, others prefer the cast iron compared to stainless steel because of better nonstick cooking surface, but the better choice according to many are cast iron woks as it heats food fast and evenly cooks ingredients too.

 The thing about electric wok is you can control the heat like in ordinary cooking appliances or devices.

What are Electric woks made of?

Manufacturers of electric woks use stainless steel body including the handle. The cooking surface is usually made up of aluminum. Some make their electric woks with non-stick coating while others do not follow the same pattern.

Top 10 Tips about Electric Wok

Be careful with the first use

As with other electrical appliances you need to read all instructions first before using, this will prevent you from having any accidents while using the appliance. Make sure you read the dos and don’ts before plugging it into the electrical outlet.

Do not immediately turn the control to the highest heating capacity

Do not be a “control trigger” that when you see an appliance you will turn the knob and see how hot it is going to be. You should start the healing process from the lowest then to the highest during the cooking process.

Be sure to use the electric wok away from water or any area where it may get in contact with water

Do not place it in areas where there is a danger of water spillage or splashes. Be careful not to get it wet because that is the fastest way to damage the appliance and the fastest way to have any untoward incident in the kitchen.

Always use it with close supervision

As with any cooking appliances, unless it is timed, the electric wok should not be left while boiling or heating without supervision.

Do not immerse the cord in liquid while cleaning. It is not advisable at any time to clean the cord together with the wok

Make sure that you are only cleaning the wok with a cloth that is damp if it has a non-stick coating or you may manually use lukewarm water with some dishwashing soap. If your wok has a non-stick coating feature, you must not use any abrasive cleaning tools or cleaning solution. Be careful not to scratch the non-stick coating feature for some woks with such cooking surface.

Be careful while cooking

Although the electric wok can be brought anywhere as long as there is an electric outlet it is not considered to be the same as the traditional wok where you can flip the pan while cooking and it will do wonders with the food, with the electric wok, it is not advisable to move it while it has full content or if there is oil being heated and such.

Use wooden spoons or spatula while cooking

Having a non-stick pan is convenient, but with the convenience comes your mindfulness when using it. Any metal or steel made utensils can scratch the surface of your wok. Which shortens its life in the process. The wok will have scratches and will not be as efficient when used. A wooden type of utensils can protect your wok from scratches.

Always use potholders or mittens while using your electric wok

There are electric wok with no heatproof handle feature and may burn you while cooking. The handles may heat while in use.

Before you start to heat the pan, every ingredient must be ready

Do not leave the pan to heat up while you are only starting with dicing and cutting the ingredients. This will also prevent your pan from overheating.

Clean the wok immediately after use

Do not leave any substance sticking in the pan or sauce still on it. The earlier you clean the pan, the easier the cleaning would be. You may use a paper towel to wipe off some substance left while it is still a bit warm so removal is easy. If you need to clean the pan with some water, wait for a few minutes till it is cool to the touch before you clean.

What type of cooking is possible in an electric wok?

  • Frying
  • Soup making
  • Braising
  • Steaming
  • Roasting
  • Braising

What are the Pros and Cons of Electric Wok?


No need to season the wok

Compared to a traditional wok that needs to be seasoned such as making its metal go through a process to make it non-sticky. Electric wok on the other hand does not have that preparation. You need to clean it though or rinse it before its first use.

You can either choose a flat or round bottom

There is no issue with using a flat or round bottom wok because it will not make much difference since it is an electric wok where the electricity will keep it well-heated no matter the shape of the pan. It will only matter if you make food with a lot of sauce that can spill if you choose the flatter bottomed wok.

There is no need for you to flip or stir too much to get the desired result

Unlike the traditional wok where chefs flip the pan while cooking to enhance the flavor of the food. It is also done to keep the food from cooking too fast and getting well-cooked. Some of the food ingredients also have a tendency to lose its crunch when flipping is not done as well as stirring.

With the electric wok, all you have to do is to use the control to keep it to low or high, so that the food will not cook too fast nor get it burned. The non-stick feature also does not require you to stir too much because this feature will prevent food from sticking in the pan.

Ease of cleaning

The electrical work is easier to clean. You can even use a paper towel to wipe off some substance left in the pan. Also, there is no need for thorough cleaning of the pan again, because of the non-stick coating which makes cleaning a lot easier for users. You may not overdo cleaning, as with every non-stick pan, scratches may appear with any use of abrasive cleaning material.


Lesser heat compared to traditional wok where high heat was used with the help of a stove

It cannot be compared to the stovetop wok with the heating capacity because the electric wok can only go as high while cooking. The type of heating also affects the cooking process where a half-cooked, well-heated dish should have been the result of electric wok but sometimes the crisp and crunch is not there anymore.

You need to shell out more with an electric wok

Of course with its technology and ease of use, you may have to shell more to have an electric wok instead of the traditional stovetop wok. You can buy an electric wok for as low as $35 to as high as $400 and up. The price depends on the features such as temperature control is visible while some are not but only have an on and off feature, other woks are larger compared to the other wok model, some wok has a higher heating capacity that makes it more expensive than the rest.


To each his own they say, where others claimed the electric wok cannot be compared to the traditional stovetop wok and some say they are happy with their electric wok experience. The thing is we have to follow the do’s and don’ts while using the electric wok because it can reach the heating capacity just like the stovetop wok thereby producing the same taste and texture you get from cooking in a traditional wok.

Most people may have to shell out more for them to get the best electric wok there is with the high heating capacity, a large vessel (just like a stovetop wok), and the sturdiness of the traditional wok as well

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