How To Use Kitchen Non Slip Shoes at Kitchen?[2021]

So, you have this scrumptious meal of roasted veal, drizzling with honey and lemon sauce, just about to be served to your family, who, by the way, have been waiting for the special feast for the last 15 minutes. Suddenly, the sliced veal came flying off in all directions!

Your body dripping with sauce and the floor was now soaked and slippery, all just because you slipped. Slips and trips can be prevented easily just by investing in the right equipment, or in this case, the right shoes.

The kitchen Non Slip Shoes should be number one in the to-buy list of homeowners. Since there are daily hazards they can encounter in the kitchen. According to statistics, there are over a hundred thousand injuries that happen in the kitchen each year.

The truth is accidents can be prevented. We just have to be wise, be aware, and prepared. There are different dangers in various places in the house and accidents in the kitchen are not far behind.

What are The Different Hazards on The Floor?

Water – this may cause an accident in the kitchen, most especially when it is not dried and mopped immediately.

Oil drippings – oil spills are such a big hazard because of how it makes the floor extra slippery.

Hand soap spills – hand soap spills cause the floor to be slippery as well because of the substance itself.

Food spillage – there are different food spills. It can be a sauce, creams, and oil-based dressings.

Melted ice – should be mopped and dried quickly.

Uneven floor – uneven edges may cause accidents as well, most especially on busy days when one is too much in a hurry to notice.

How can These Be Prevented?

Control measures that can help reduce the incidence of slips and falls:

  • As soon as you see spills on the floor of whatever nature, make sure that it is mopped up immediately using a cloth that easily absorbs moisture.
  • Whenever there are drippings and spills on the floor, let other people in the house know, so they will avoid going to the kitchen unless spills are already wiped dry.
  • Use proper rugs, mats on preparation areas, and not the mats that are not compatible on the floor and may have the tendency to stick up and cause tripping in the long run.
  • If anti-skid tapes are available, you may also use this to lessen accidents in your kitchen space.

And the other most important solution of all is finding the right shoes for the job.

Here Come kitchen Non Slip Shoes.

Because of the busy nature of cooking, countless accidents may happen in the kitchen. One of the more usual accidents is a slip, a skid, and a trip. When we work in the kitchen, we are concentrating so much that we sometimes do not notice our surroundings.

We are walking while lifting a heavy casserole or perhaps we have plates to set and then didn’t notice the spills on the floor making us skid and slide, and sadly, we often see this scene in the kitchen.

These non-slip shoes are made of rubberized soles with great tread patterns (resistance will depend on the tread patterns). They mostly make these types of shoes out of rubber, PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride), or PU (Polyurethane), that when used will make high-quality non-slip shoes. High-grade rubber is the most often used material for non-slip shoes.

By having deep tread grooves, we expect better friction. The shoes will principally avoid any spilled fluid on the floor. Since non-slip shoes have greater traction than that of the usual flat-soled shoes, this will help you avoid any accidents in the kitchen.

What are The Advantages of kitchen non-slip shoes?

  • Increased safety in the kitchen.

By having these shoes, you can be confident that the safety level in the kitchen is increased. You will not have issues as well with sore feet, nor any problems with your feet being wet and uncomfortable while cooking or preparing a meal. You have long hours of comfort while using non-slip kitchen shoes.

  • Diminished accidents

Accidents can mostly happen in the kitchen as it is one of the busiest parts of the house. From burns to scalding, to falling, to slipping, these accidents happen in the kitchen. The most usual accidents though are slipping, skidding, and tripping. So, it is a great idea to buy one of these kitchen non-slip shoes to further promote safety in the kitchen.

  • You are assured of comfortability.

By buying the right non-slip shoes, it makes working in the kitchen for long hours easier. When our feet ache because of long hours of standing, our whole body reacts with additional pain that in the long run will just give us health issues. Investing in the kitchen non-slip shoes will address that problem because of the comfortability of use, and it is lightweight.

  • Kitchen non-slip shoes are made to be durable.

Since working in the kitchen wearing your usual shoes or other footwear can give an immense hit to your footwear, making them wear out. By investing in non-slip shoes, you’re sure that you’re spending your money wisely. These shoes are durable, comfortable, and ideal to use.

  • Will save you money.

Having accidents in the kitchen because of slips and trips may cause you a lot of money in the long run. If you trip and bump your knees, or if you get a contusion because you hit your head when you slipped, the hospital expense will surely be costly.

Not to mention the inconvenience it will give you, that if ever you got injured while you are in the kitchen, many issues can arise. By having a kitchen non-slip shoe, these will all be prevented.

  • Added protection from sharp objects and falling objects.

Sometimes because of your being in a hurry, while you are busy preparing in the kitchen, you accidentally knock off things such as the chopping board, the knife, pots, and pans, or even the meat mallet that may cause you additional harm and of course a lot of pain when these things drop on your foot.

  • Foot comfort.

Some people easily sweat so does their feet. Having sweaty feet makes you uncomfortable. Walking around the kitchen is a lot of work, so we have to use footwear that will not be an additional burden while we are working in the kitchen.

  • Kitchen non-slip shoes are also waterproof.

There are brands of non-slip shoes that are not only comfortable but also waterproof. So when there is a spillage on your shoes, you can be assured that it will not seep through and make you uncomfortable further. You can choose a waterproof non-slip shoe that is well worth the money.

  • Non-slip shoes are also heatproof.

There are also non-slip shoes that can protect your feet from burns and scalding. Some brands have this feature.

  • Fits just right.

Non-slip shoes have a correct fit for every client. They are made not only to be durable but will fit your feet just right. Some shoes are uncomfortable when you wear them because of the inaccurate fit. But with non-slip shoes, you are assured of an exact fit.

  • Worth your money.

By spending the extra money to buy a pair of Kitchen non-slip shoes, you are also buying safety, not just comfort. The shoes will help you in the kitchen. It will make sure you are safe every step of the way. You won’t have a fear of slipping, slides, or tripping anymore.

You have confidence while moving in the kitchen. You can also be assured that after buying these shoes, you can enjoy them for a very long time because of its durability.

Who can enjoy using kitchen non-slip shoes?

Many people can benefit from using these shoes. Not just people who love to cook in their kitchen, but also to the people who work in the restaurant industry. They are also exposed to many dangers and hazards while working in a restaurant. Most of them have experienced sliding, slipping, and tripping while doing their jobs in the restaurant business.

There are restaurant owners who require their workers to use such shoes not just for their comfortability but foremost, for their safety. They’ve provided many of their staff this kind of gear.

The restaurant staff is the first to require wearing these shoes because even though they have a different area in the restaurant that they will serve, the same hazards are present. If they are in the dining area, slips are also not new. When they are in the kitchen area, slips and trips are not far away.

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