Top 10 Important Information about of Kitchen Shoes

Before they discovered the importance of kitchen shoes, some people do not give any importance to it. They are not particular about what they wear in the kitchen as long as there is something that is protecting their feet from the ground. As long as they can move freely in the kitchen, they don’t care that much about foot protection.

Several accidents happen mainly in the kitchen and most of these accidents are caused by poor and low-quality shoes. Accidents that could have been prevented if they only invested in shoes that are specifically for kitchen use. They could have saved time from unnecessary worries and useless expenses.

Top 10 Important Information about kitchen shoes

Kitchen shoes should be durable.

It is a must that kitchen shoes be long-lasting and not just comfortable to wear. You can invest in shoes that are pricey but can mainly serve its purpose in the kitchen. Check first the qualities of the shoes you will buy by reading reviews by people who have already purchased said shoes. It is also not smart to buy shoes just because they look elegant or beautiful, it should also be sturdy and stand the test of time – in this case, the kitchen.

Kitchen shoes should have a non-slip feature.

Since there are many liquid spillages you can encounter on the kitchen floor, shoes that you will purchase should prevent any slips from happening to you. Slide and skid prevention should be on top of your prevention list. Your shoes should resist slip and slide when it steps on any oil, grease, water, or sauce spills on the floor. Shoes without a non-slip feature may cause many accidents in the kitchen.

How to tell if your shoes are a non-slip shoe?

  • There should be a fine tread design at the soles of your footwear.
  • Large lug design indicates a non-slip feature.
  • Small lugs can also indicate a better non-slip shoe feature.
  • It should have a medium-sized sole instead of thick soles.

What are the disadvantages you will face because of accidents in the kitchen?

  • It will cost you to miss a few days of work. (22 percent of falls result in almost 30 days of missed work).
  • Cause your bodily injuries. (slip and fall accident causes severe injuries in 15 to 30 percent of cases)
  • You may even lose money because of it.
  • Can cause others to get hurt.
  • It may even impact your performance.

The kitchen is such a tight space because of the many people working at the same time, and due to many activities that happen there, there is a chance that when there is food spillage on the floor you may not immediately see the spillage and maybe too late for you to maneuver yourself away from the spillage.

Kitchen shoes should be comfortable to use and support your feet well.

Kitchen workers are always standing the whole day. Some even have a 12-hour daily shift. They are walking back and forth throughout their shift. Their feet are usually painful and sore after.

If they have shoes that are comfortable to wear it will help with supporting not just your feet but your whole body, cause it is not just your feet that feel the tiredness but the whole body does too. Having a shoe that has the right padding will prevent this from happening. The insides of the shoes should have a comfortable midsole, and inner paddings included.

If your shoes do not give proper foot support, this may only lead to foot problems in the long run. One sample of foot injury because of improper footwear is fasciitis (Plantar fasciitis happens when there is an excessive pulling of the arch-supporting ligaments). This causes inflammation and too much pain on the heel.

Should have a roomy fit for ultimate comfort.

Having a shoe that is too tight-fitting will just result in painful feet. Your feet will be too sore, and you will also have an uncomfortable feeling throughout your shift. Also, our feet when it is always on the move tend to swell and you need shoes that are sized just right with a bit of space to accommodate your swollen feet.

It is also uncomfortable to work the whole day with shoes that seem to crush your feet because of its tightness.

The best time to buy shoes is usually at the end of the day according to some experts when your feet are largest.

Shoes that are incorrectly fit will also give you leg cramps and ankle pain, not to mention callus and corns.

Calluses and corns are because of repeated friction on the skin. This repeated friction or pressure causes the skin to form a hard and rough surface. Corn is formed the same way.

Shoes should have a steel toe cap.

While in the kitchen, there are dangers of falling utensils, sharp knives, or even a chopping board on the floor. This is an additional accident that you can prevent if you only have the right shoes. The chance of such things falling on your feet is just too big to ignore. Best to have preventive measures in place. This is what steel safety toe does to keep you safe from these incidents.

There are plenty of kitchen shoes with these designs as manufacturers are aware of the many dangers in the kitchen such as objects falling on your feet. They have made such a design to ensure that the most exposed part of your feet is well shielded. They have made kitchen shoes with a steel toe for a few years now.

It should be easy to wear.

With some users who have wide entry feet, there are models of kitchen shoes in the market that has these features as well.

Kitchen shoes should not slip off your feet while you are working.

Should be secured and not slip at inconvenient times. So the correct size comes into focus here. Again, it should be the right size for your feet. It is difficult to work in the kitchen when you know your shoes could easily fly off from your feet any minute.

When you choose shoes to buy for kitchen use, consider the size of your feet plus give it some allowance so that when it swells during long hours of standing, there is enough space left.

But also consider that it should not have too big of feet allowance, that it will not securely fit your feet when in use.

Should have a feature of vents on the side so that the feet can breathe.

There is also a style of shoes that have vents on the side so your feet will not perspire too much.

The side vents will allow your feet to stay fresh and cool even with long hours of work. If you are not particular with these features though, you can forego this one as long as there is enough padding inside the shoes and it is comfortable even after long hours of use.

It should be worth the money.

With the long hours of standing in the kitchen and your feet are getting tortured, your shoes should also have the durability to withstand excessive use. Some shoes if used daily for a long period may not last long and may cause you to spend more money, eventually. Best to buy a mid-priced shoe that has all the features of good kitchen shoes. If you can also shell out more dollars, you can buy high-priced shoes instead.

Get a shoe that is waterproof.

Splashes of water or any liquid can be prevented if you have waterproof shoes. It is very uncomfortable if you will work all day while your shoes are soaked inside.

Soaked shoes will cause an unpleasant smell, eventually.

Just in case you cannot get one that is waterproof and your shoes got soaked while you are working in the kitchen, here’s what you can do to keep it from accumulating moisture and prevent it from smelling.

  • Sprinkle some baking soda once you get home to remove moisture.
  • Wipe the inside with cotton combined with some alcohol.
  • Place some crumpled newspaper inside the shoe to absorb the wetness and moisture.
  • Get some old cloth and wipe the inside of the shoes as this will also help remove moisture.

Having to buy a durable, comfortable, and waterproof shoe will be worth all the money you spent.

With accidents that are daily occurring in the kitchen, it is just natural to protect yourself from such occurrences. Shelling out additional money would save you more money in the long run

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