How to Hold a Knife and Fork?

How to Hold a Knife and Fork

Do you know that almost everyone knows how to eat with a knife and fork? But, most of us are holding cutlery in the wrong way. Therefore, every individual should eat some table etiquette during eating. Because it will save you from embarrassing situations. In fact, most people may not notice your good manners but … Read more

How to Use a Knife Sharpener with Wheels?

how to use a knife sharpener with wheels

If you’re addicted to work with sharp knives. Then, a dull knife will irritate you and demands more effort and time from your side. Consequently, you will end up cutting vegetables or meat within more working hours than ever before. And the sole reason behind this whole scenario is your lazy knife. However, a dull … Read more

Why Military Issue Folding Knife so Important?

Military Issue Folding Knife

Military issue folding knife or pocket knife whatever you call it, this is one of the mainstream, carryable, and easily storable knife. It was also inducted as the best outdoor knife for every categories person. The folding knife is also known as a penknife and jackknife, but most people feel comfortable calling this knife a … Read more